Andean Sol

Andean Sol

Andean Sol is a new, authentic and premium superfood brand that sources great tasting and healthy products from the Andean region of South America - a wild and remote expanse of diverse cultures and landscapes. From the sun-baked foothills and windswept Altiplano to the peaks of Patagonia, the region offers an abundance of unique and wholesome foods.

Andean Sol only supplies foods that we source directly from the producers in South America. This ensures traceability and the highest quality product at all times. Learn about the region, farms and people that produced your selected Andean Sol product and the journey it took to get from farm to your table by entering the Unique Batch Code on the product package into our website. 

Andean Sol always acts responsibly – our company is based on respect for the farmers and people that we work with, respect for the land that produces our foods in a sustainable manner, and respect for our customers’ health by supplying only the highest quality, nutritious foods.

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