So you’re a retailer or buyer in the health food sector, and your question is simple, why should I use the Thyme Store?

by James Evers-Swindell
It’s a great question and we think the answer is equally as simple, in a word it’s “opportunity”. Thyme Store is providing retailers and buyers across the health food, farm shops and fine food sectors the opportunity to discover new and...

Your customers are welcoming in the new year with Veganuary, make sure you have the products they want!

by James Evers-Swindell
Carrying a basket of vegetables
We’ve all been there, an over-indulgent Christmas has left us feeling the need to take stock of our eating and drinking habits, and your customers will likely be doing the same too. January is when we all all make those new year's resolutions,...

The Thyme for marketing

by James Evers-Swindell
We're really pleased to announce our company profile featured in Health Food Business Magazine. To read the full article click the link here:

What’s good for you, can be good for others too!

Thyme Marketing are proud to work with a wide range of amazing organic and natural health brands who produce their products in an ethical and sustainable way. With this latest blog post, we aim to highlight some of the simple and also...