WE ARE BONRAW. We want to make it easy for you to switch up your own diet naturally with minimum effort and zero compromise. We'd love to give you a taste!

We've made it easy and delicious to reduce your calorie intake, reduce GI, and look after your teeth (yes teeth!) to name a few, with a plant-based range of natural sugars.

Sourced from around the world, BONRAW is 100% natural and good for the planet - meaning there's no nasty inclusions and where possible we deliver the sugars completely raw and unrefined.

We've made our packaging so easy for you to use, it's 100% recyclable and mostly reusable.

Switching to a natural sugars diet is not only a positive stop for your health, but it is the most impactful way to reduce you environmental footprint. We look forward to bringing new, delicious and easy ways for you to sweeten whilst caring for our planet.