Butterwhips is changing.  

New Aluminium (Zero Waste) packaging will be sold from 1st September 2019

Butterwhips blends 100% botanical extracts for our growing range of luxurious skin food. 
Our products are diligently handcrafted in small batches exclusively using fresh, renewable plant based ingredients and formulated to meet EU regulations and, being naturally anti-microbial, we don’t need to add preservatives, stabilisers or other synthetic additives.
We wanted to create a relief to skin ailments that could be made from 100% natural ingredients and smelt good too. 
Finding typical commercial creams and lotions ineffective, and prescription ointments unpleasant to smell and touch, we set out to create a unique range of skincare that bridged the gap, a product with the concentrated composition of a balm but with a texture closer to freshly whipped cream.
We needed to make sure we chose a base that was gently moisturising as well as smelling fab! With the help of an independent laboratory near the heart of England, we devised a formulation that met our needs AND the most stringent regulatory requirements.

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