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5th Season Fruit Snacks

5th Season is a range of healthy and tasty freeze-dried fruit snacks.100% fruit, 100% healthy and 100% delicious - IT'S FRUIT WITHOUT THE FUSS!

ABO Artisan Bread Organic

Organic Artisan cookies made without wheat, sugar or additives.

Andean Sol

Range of Organic Chia Seeds and Royal Quinoa from the Andean region of South America

Bang Curry Ltd

Authentic vegan curry kits

Bare Naked Noodles by Foodsellers

Low carb, gluten free, fat free noodles

Bay's Kitchen

Low FODMAP & Vegan friendly stir in sauces

Bear Kombucha

Bear Kombucha offers home-brewed taste whilst giving that consistency only commercial brewers can give.

Bee Approved

Vegan alternative to Honey


Reuseable beeswax food wraps in a variety of different sizes and designs


Cold pressed vitamin blast or energy boost chewing gum


Handmade crackers made from avocado monounsaturated fats

BonPom Ltd

Raw, organic super power foods including Maca, Banana and Lucuma powders

Borna Foods Limited

Premium Pistachios and Pistachio butters from a family owned farm in Iran.


Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Calyx Drinks Ltd

Flower based vegan drinks made with natural ingredients


A Vegan and Gluten free Chimichurri sauce and marinade

Chaga Organics

Pure 100% Scottish Chaga in tea bags, powders and chunks

Chantico by Foodsellers

Agave syrup in 3 different flavours

Cheerful Buddha

The first major CBD infused Colombian Coffee

Cindy's Teas

Loose herb teas with a modern twist on flavours

Cocoa Libre Ltd

Vegan and free from artisan chocolate

Coconut Merchant

A wide range of ethically sourced coconut products from oil to flour to butter

Delicious Minds

Delicious Minds is a new and innovative company creating snacks which are dedicated to brain health and performance.

Elephant Box

Eco friendly stainless steel lunch boxes and bottles


We create delicious 100% natural snacks that are free from all sweeteners.


Low salt peanuts with no artificial preservatives, available in two sizes

GingerBeard's Preserves

Homemade, award winning jams, marmalade's, chutneys and pickles

Halo Me

Halo Me purple tea is a brand new premium specialty packed with healthy goodness, 100% natural, containing the finest whole leaf tea and ingredients in eco-friendly packaging.

Happy Butter Ghee

Original and Golden Turmeric Ghee

Innate Food

Savoury air-dried snacks made up of a blend of vegetables, almond and coconut. A healthy alternative to crisps.

Janda Foods

A plant based food company based in the Cambridgeshire countryside, offering a range of sweet and savoury products that are flavour packed.


Offering a range of Fair Trade jams, marmalade's, sauces and salts

Just Live a Little

Handmade granola made in Northern Ireland

Land & Tide

Vegan iced coffees with just 3 or 4 simple natural ingredients

Liberty Loves

Delicious, Raw, vegan, gluten free tarts, nut butters, cookies and biscotti in a range of delicious sweet flavours

Life of a Tree

Natural Moringa powders and oils that are Vegan, Raw and Ethically sourced.


Freeze Dried fruit crisps and smoothie bites in 6 delicious flavours

Lovegrass Ethiopia

A range of Ethiopian Teff products from flour to pasta to pancake mix

Loving Foods

Organic, fermented, unpasteurised food and drink,


Gourmet marshmallows using premium ingredients, fresh fruits and organic herbs and spices

Mindful Bites

A range of nutritionally rich nut butters and but butter filled bars

MrGee's Snacks UK

Mr Gee's have created their own seasoning for popcorn to make a delicious guilt free snack

Mummy Meagz The Indulgent Vegan Kitchen

Probably the best tasting Rocky Road in the world and it's Vegan and Gluten Free ... oh and there's no fruit because who wants fruit in their Rocky Road?

Nibble Group

Protein Bites that tick all the boxes, these yummy, biscuity bites are low GI, fibre-rich, vegan, gluten free.

Northern Pantry

Hand crafted, plant-based honey alternatives. Created with apples grown in Cheshire.


Healthy protein balls: vegan, sugar and gluten free. Flavours include Matcha Green Tea, Coconut & Chia Seeds and Chocolate & Hazelnut in packs of 3 or 10 balls.


Organic Coconut Macaroons, naturally flavoured using freeze dried fruit and vegetable powders for nutritional integrity and are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free.


Chocolate reinvented, a healthy vegan snack in compostable packaging.

Nutrilicious Snacks

Crunchy pumpkin seeds coated in 4 delicious flavours - indulgent & moreish High protein, high fibre, low sugar, low carb, 100% Organic & Natural ingredients

Nyanga's Mae Nature

Our Coconut oil is brown because we gently use heat to separate the oil. This gives Brown coconut oil its' unique smell, flavour and colour.


OMGTea is a specialist matcha company with a range of powdered teas, matcha supplemets, matcha accessories and iced matcha RTDs.


Skincare and coconut oils.

One Earth Organics

Nutrient dense ‘superfood’ blends that can be added to fresh smoothies, eaten with yoghurt or added to soups to provide a nutrient boost when you need it.

Onist Food

The Avocado Choc Pot, a healthy vegan snack containing just avocados, dates, cashew nuts cocoa and water.


New Zealand Manuka Honey is a high quality honey, accredited by the Unique Manuka FActor (UMF) Association. Available in UMF 5+ to 25+ grades.

Organic India

ORGANIC INDIA is the first company in the world to introduce the sacred Tulsi to the international market as a delicious herbal tea.

PB & Me by Foodsellers

PB&Me is an all-natural, low calorie powdered peanut and almond butter.


Bite-sized vegan and vegetarian friendly crunchy chocolate squares are a delicious snack that can be consumed anywhere.

Pic's Peanut Butter

New Zealand made, multi-award winning peanut butter, using natural Hi-Oleic peanuts that are specially grown, which offer health benefits and flavour like no other!


Artisan nut cheeses and vegan butter substitute.

Popcorn Shed

Handmade gourmet popcorn using all natural ingredients, carefully sourced, lovingly crafted and free of any nasty preservatives or additives.


Real food alternative to meal replacement and protein shakes, made in the UK using natural ingredients

Puro Organic by Foodsellers

Coconut Milk, Coconut Flour, Coconut Nectar, Unrefined Coconut Sugar, Coconut Oil and Coconut Chocolate Spread.


Organic, Fair trade, Vegan registered teas with real provenance.

Raw Bake Station

Vegan Raw delicious cakes


Unique probiotic blend from12 live bacteria strains and herbs that are fermented for 21 days in order to strengthen the body's natural defence.


Rawvelo is the first completely natural, organic and vegan brand of endurance sports nutrition and functional food products in the U.K.

Renegade & Longton

Artisan Sparkling Wines

Rokit Pods

Nespresso compatible super healthy, organic, vegan drinks at the touch of a button


100% Natural Ginger Flakes, Hibiscus Flower, Baobab Fruit Powder from West Affrica


SALTernative- Natural Salt Alternative using Kombu Seaweed. Upto 99% Less Salt compared to table salt. Vegan and Organic.


Creamy sesame butters are created from gently roasted sesame seeds, slowly ground on natural stones to produce and incredibly moreish, silky-smooth sesame butter.

Seasoned Pioneers

The finest, authentic spices, chillies, herbs, specialist seasonings and spice blends.

Sendero Specialty Coffee

Handpicked, small batch coffees which are Nespresso compatible.


SkinnyDips- Low Sugar, Low Fat, Low Salt, Low Calorie, Vegan Condiment Sauces. All the Flavour, Less of the Guilt.

Spare Snacks

We transform deliciously ugly produce into beautifully healthy snacks.

Sparkle Drops

Naturally Flavoured Shimmer to make Drinks Sparkle, and are available in 20+ flavours, all beautifully shimmery and deliciously flavoured in a range of stunning colours.

Taka Turmeric

A range of turmeric based teas and drinks that are as healthy, as they are delicious.

Terra Organic Recyclable Coffee Pods

Organic Nespresso* compatible coffee pods. Each pod can be recycled easily and included in your household recycling waste. Available in 3 strengths - 5, 9 & 2 Decaf.

The Culinary Caveman

A range of powders with all ingredients being sourced from mineralized soils, most are also organic and raw. The range includes post exercise protein to vegan vitality.

The Urban Cordial Company

Handmade all natural fruit cordials. 100% of the fruit is British and surplus helping to fight food waste.

TrueStart Coffee

A range of vibrant, refreshing Cold Brew Coffees that are the only flavoured Cold Brews in Europe to be sugar free, zero calories, vegan, 100% natural and hyper-sustainable.


Turmerix is an exciting mix of herbs and spices, blended into a balanced consumable powder with an X Factor. All the ingredients are offering health benefits.


Turmerlicious offer a range of delicious instant turmeric latte blends in four fabulous flavours - ginger, vanilla, choco and chilli choc


Handmade raw energyballs, made fresh to order packaged in bags made from sustainable woodpulp.


Natural and organic products from lentils to olive oils.


Premium dried fruit snacks in home compostable packaging. 3 delicious flavours.

We Made Drinks

We made our first batch of refreshingly zesty still lemonade at University and we now offer two flavours non carbonated drinks containing no artificial nonsense!

Wilde Nuts Gourmet Nuts

Wilde Nuts exists for one reason: to provide you with great tasting, nut-based products that give you high quality nutrition without compromising on quality or flavour.

Wilde Nuts Granola

We create great tasting and nutritious nut-based products for people who care about what goes into their bodies.

Yogi Tea by Foodsellers

For more than 40 years, Yogi Tea has been producing delicious herb and spice teas based on unique Ayurvedic Tea recipes, which promote individual well-being.