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A range of 100% natural feminine care products

Ben & Anna

Paper tube deodorants to reduce the consumption of plastic. All products certified Natural and Organic AND carry the Vegan Society symbol.


KinKind are on a mission to eliminate plastic bottles in UK family bathrooms with their 100% plastic-free hair & beauty bars. Designed to help families switch with no compromise on results.

Holy Lama Naturals

NEW BRAND: Holy Lama Naturals - Spice Drops and Ayurvedic Skincare


We want everyone to think better, perform better and feel better. Every. Day.

Kutis Skincare

We are an all-women owned and run micro business. We manufacture our range of plastic free deodorants and skincare products at our small workshop in Wales.

Cool Cabbage

Calming Cabbage Breast Gel is a topical gel to help soothe engorged sore breasts by using over 98% highest quality, natural ingredients: a patented cabbage leaf extract and Defensil Plus.

Not the Norm

NEW PRODUCTS: Pure, non-activated, hardwood charcoal. CDQZ Immune Support with Quercetin and Zinc.

Wylder Naturals

Handmade skincare products that benefit the body and mind through the power of natural ingredients.

Clear Confidence Co

We create vegan, eco-friendly personal care and shaving products.

Pierre de Plaisir

100% Natural scrubbing stones which are handmade, durable, aesthetic, and for multi purpose use.

Ayurveda Wellness Ltd / Ayumi

Ayumi believes natural, clean skincare and haircare products should be affordable whilst giving effective and visible results. Blended with between 92-100% natural ingredients, Ayumi harnesses the powerful properties of Nature. Free Sample Sachets in Every Order.

Friendly Soap

Friendly Soaps Eco-Friendly Soap Bars and Household Cleaning Products Are Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Packaged Using Plastic-Free Recyclable Card Packaging.

natural earth

A Small New Company making Natural Vegan Organic Plastic Free Products in Lymm, Cheshire. Our first products are sodium bicarbonate deodorants and also sensitive sodium bicarbonate free deodorants.

from earth to earth

At f.e.t.e we transform everyday essentials into little moments of joy for you and the planet, helping you to look, feel and do good.

AromaTherapy Shed

Hand-blended, sustainable skincare inspired by the seasons. 100% Natural • Vegan • Fair Trade • Cruelty free • Refillable

Crazy Rumors

Colourful and flavourful vegan lip balms with BIG personality. Clean, tasty and ethical, the balms include super moisturising delights like Certified Organic Shea Butter + soothing Jojoba oil.


Scentered create 100% natural, essential oil-based aromatherapy products available in six beautiful blends: SLEEP WELL, DE-STRESS HAPPY, ESCAPE, FOCUS and LOVE​

Scence Natural Skincare

Vegan Natural Skincare, with a range of moisturisers, deodorants and balms - all handmade in Cornwall.

Saskia's Flower Essences

NEW BRAND: Saskia's Flower Essences. A range of 8 high vibration, hand bottled, easy to choose flower essence blends designed for modern life.

Khewra Energetics Ltd

Our products are benefit-driven, using ayurvedic oils, functional ingredients and natural adaptogens rooted in Ayurvedic tradition to calm, brighten, and restore the skin.


Plastic-Free, Clean, Vegan, Award-Winning Skin Care Products Based in Congleton.


Over 93% natural, vegan hair dye.

Lime Health

Natural Health Distributor. Lime Health brings innovative high quality brands and products to the UK market. At Lime we are passionate about sourcing and bringing healthy, ethical and nutritious products to the UK market.

Neve's Bees

Cheerful, Bright, 100% Natural Skincare and Gifts, made by local family business, with donations to charity per sale.

SOS Serum Skincare

The answer to sensitive skin. Simplified formula using minimal ingredients; Made in the UK, Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Earth to Earth Organics

We are a plastic free skincare company, focused on people, planet and skin, providing solutions for some the most sensitive skin issues such as eczema and dry skin. FREE 100ml samples available for oils and butters when ordered.

The Natural Spa Cosmetics Ltd

At The Natural Spa we specialise in plastic free, vegan, sustainably sourced hair and personal care products. Our main goal is to help reduce waste in the cosmetics industry.

Shower Blocks

Plastic free alternatives for a refreshing shower experience!

Happy Carrot Skincare

Vegan skincare made with upcycled ingredients for combination skin