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Prairie Naturals

Men's Health Awareness has become increasingly more important over the years, Prairie Naturals have created a great range of products, that each compliment each other, that support men's health of all ages.

Strength & Spices

100% natural vegan food supplements proudly made in the UK. UK's best rated Memory Booster & Anti-Inflammatory!

Link Nutrition

Food Based™ supplements offer nutrition the way nature intended. Our supplements are crafted by nutritionists using Food Based™ vitamins and minerals, quality herbal extracts and powerful, high strength fruiting body mushrooms.


NEW BRAND: Vegums is a carbon-negative company founded by 2 plant-based pharmacists who were looking for a plastic-free alternative to pongy pills and chalky chewables.


Our Vision is to deliver natural heath and wellness through sustainable seaweed.

Prime Fifty

Target supplements for the over 50's, specific to a range of requirements, e.g. bone, joints, muscle, fatigue, heart, brain, vision.

The Good Guru

The Good Guru. Certified Organic & Vegan, Premium Supplements & Protein Powders to Help Maintain Optimal Health. Simply. Smartly. Honestly.

Mindful Extracts

NEW BRAND: Mindful Extracts create high-quality supplements and CBD based health and beauty products.

Theenk Tea

Every herbal blend at THEENK TEA has been carefully crafted by our master herbalist so you can be sure that each of our ingredients is there for a reason.


AvaCare was founded when three passionate dads combined their expertise as pharmacists and nutritionists with their love for their families. The resulting vitamins and mineral products are designed with our family, and our customers in mind.

Prowise Healthcare

NEW PRODUCT: Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCL 1500mg 60 Tablets I High Strength 2 Months Supply I Made in the UK by Prowise Healthcare

The Culinary Caveman

A range of powders with all ingredients being sourced from mineralized soils, most are also organic and raw. The range includes post exercise protein to vegan vitality.

Together Health

Together Health create 100% clear and pure nutritional supplements that contain no artificial additives or processing aids, so work in harmony with your body.

Saskia's Flower Essences

NEW BRAND: Saskia's Flower Essences. A range of 8 high vibration, hand bottled, easy to choose flower essence blends designed for modern life.


myota natural prebiotic fibre blends are clinically proven to boost energy levels, improve digestion and reduce bloating.

Life Mel

A range of unique superfood supplements from the beehive


Gut-Smart offers natural, long-term gut health support designed with everybody in mind.

Margildi ehf (trading as Fiskolía)

Omega-3 all natural fish oil made from Herring in Iceland.

Youth & Earth

NEW BRAND: At Youth & Earth we leverage our passion for innovation with a scientific mindset to present you with a range of anti-aging supplements that will make you feel AND look younger.


NEW BRAND: The Future Is Here! Next Generation of Multivitamin & Minerals Delivered via a 24 Hour Patch! No More Pills or Gummies!

Isle of Wight Mushrooms Ltd

Isle of Wight Mushrooms Ltd is the original UK cultivator and producer of medicinal mushroom tinctures, which is a supplement that is taken as drops for health and wellbeing.

Huxley Europe

Huxley Europe are a young company that develops fast moving healthcare products, distributed domestically and internationally. Brand New product - Vegan Coenzyme Q10 High Strength Vitamin D3 3200iu Vitamin D3 20,000iu Moducare Maitake Mushroom Liquid LPL 63.4


Blukoo is proud to be the UK and Europe's authorised distributor of Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies. Taste the apple. Not the vinegar.

Dare Motivation

Nutritionally Complete plant based shakes. EPIC, NUTRITIOUS, MOTIVATING and ridiculously TASTY and FILLING. Enjoy Legends!


Vitamin fuelled, tea-based low calorie soft drinks - we make chilled tea with purpose.

ITL Health

ITL Health is a multi-award-winning supplement company that formulates affordable products based on cutting-edge research.

Motion Nutrition

Helping your customers to stress less, sleep deeper and live happier lives.

Hello Wellness

We want our customers to not only feel better, but feel their best. 20+ years of experience has lead to effective formulas that are gentle on the body but tough on modern health issues, tackling burn-out, digestion, hormonal imbalances and illness prevention.

Raw Sport / Revolution foods

Vegan protein powders for all people that want to add healthy supplementation to the diet.

Prym Health

A sustainable supplement brand providing products to support your body and mind.


We want everyone to think better, perform better and feel better. Every. Day.

Naked Biotics

Unique probiotic blend from12 live bacteria strains and herbs that are fermented for 21 days in order to help strengthen the body's immune system. Fermented at body temperature. No need for refrigeration.

Authentic Biotics

DRUM ROLL NEW PRODUCT ALERT: Vegan Collagen Supplement from 100 Plant-based Ingredients with Clinically Studied Ingredients to Help Build Body's Own Collagen Production Instead of Replying on Ingesting Collagen From Animal Source.

Roots 'n Shoots

Hi! We're Roots 'n Shoots. A new exciting plant-based nutrition company. Our focus is on high quality natural ingredients and optimum nutrition for people on a plant-based diet.


An award winning London based nutrition brand creating protein powders and capsules which are free from GMO nasties