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Chosan is an independent creator of natural healthier food and drink products, made from exotic fruits and plants

Golden Harvest Organic Foods Ltd

Golden Harvest Organic Foods is specialized in sourcing highest quality Super foods from across the Globe. All our products are marketed under our own retail brand "Golden Harvest" which is renowned for it's NUTRIENT-RICH,GMO- FREE&CERTIFIED ORGANIC products. Our products are sourced ethically and packed at origin in accordance with Organic Principles.

Prowise Healthcare

NEW PRODUCT: Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCL 1500mg 60 Tablets I High Strength 2 Months Supply I Made in the UK by Prowise Healthcare

Raw Sport / Revolution foods

Vegan protein powders for all people that want to add healthy supplementation to the diet.

Smarter Naturally

Could our superfood broccoli help you feel younger for longer, click on the link to find out more.

The British Hemp Co

The British Hemp Co creates the highest quality hemp-based nutrition, including vegan hemp protein powder, hulled hemp seeds, and hemp seed oil.


To support your skin, gut and brain, we make only real food blends with zero nasties and organic ingredients.

We Are Heylo Ltd

Heylo was launched to make low carb living accessible for all. From on-the-go recipes through to family meals, Heylo provides products, and recipes, to make living a healthy lifestyle easier for all.


NEW BRAND: Premium exotic dried fruit, 100% natural, absolutely nothing added, healthy, vegan, gluten-free, free from the main 14 allergens, beautifully unusual with unique textures, flavours and nutritional profiles.

Isle of Wight Mushrooms Ltd

Isle of Wight Mushrooms Ltd is the original UK cultivator and producer of medicinal mushroom tinctures, which is a supplement that is taken as drops for health and wellbeing.

The Good Guru

The Good Guru. Certified Organic & Vegan, Premium Supplements & Protein Powders to Help Maintain Optimal Health. Simply. Smartly. Honestly.


An award winning London based nutrition brand creating protein powders and capsules which are free from GMO nasties

MAWish Food

MAWish is a British supplier of delicious plant-based sugar free ‘latte’ blends using a variety of organic superfood ingredients and spices.


We are committed to innovation and we aim to improve performance by introducing supplements that are specifically designed to give athletes more energy and combat fatigue, whatever their diet.


Melora the home of high quality Manuka honey and Manuka products from New Zealand.

Oat Avenue

Oat Avenue - UK's First Granola Butter! It's like a nut butter but made out of oats. It's here for those with dietary restrictions and for everyone else.