Cheerful Buddha

Cheerful Buddha

Cheerful Buddha was founded in 2019 with the goal to harness health enhancing goodness found in nature and infusing this into easily consumed food and drinks. We create delicious hassle-free, daily health and wellness routines. We only use the highest quality natural ingredients extracted from plants, and we never forget that a positive existence is balanced and sustainable.

Cheerful Buddha launched with a simple observation. As consumers of CBD oils and nootropics, but lovers of great quality foods, we were not only put off by the taste of available products, but also the process of taking CBD or mushrooms was an additional step in our daily routine. Add to this the opaque production, provenance and efficacy, we believed we could do better. There our commitment to crafting great tasting, all natural and easy to consume CBD and Superfood products began.

Buddha represents peace, love and a positive existence. Cheerful Buddha’s products aim to make people feel good and improve overall wellbeing - which ultimately makes us all feel happier.

Cheerful Buddha's mission is to create deliciously healthy food and drinks that help make life calmer, all created with good karma. Which means not only are we dedicated to great taste, but how we create it, needs to be in a sustainable, ethical way. With ingredients, our Colombian coffee beans are Rainforest Alliance Certified, and unlike other CBD coffee makers, we never use artificial flavourings or added sugars in any of our products. This is because our CBD is carried in organic MCT coconut oil, which creates a fresher, lighter taste.

Cheerful Buddha products will always be 100% natural. We have also followed this principle with our CBD Dark Chocolate, which we believe to be the first bean to bar CBD dark chocolate in the UK. Sourced from Seram Island, Maluku province, Indonesia, all our cacao is 100% traceable and purchased from a fair-trade cooperative on the island.

The current ‘Love & Wellness’ offering includes: a delicious aromatic ground or whole bean CBD-infused Colombian blend coffee; and a CBD-infused ‘Swiss Water’ single origin Guatemalan decaffeinated coffee, ‘bean to bar’ luxury handcrafted CBD-infused dark chocolate; naturally flavoured CBD drops; and now a new range of healthy, adaptogenic superfood blends: Lion’s Mane, Chaga and Reishi medicinal mushroom coffees.

The Cheerful Buddha website also hopes to educate people as to the wonders of a plants and fungi human civilisation has cultivated for thousands of years.

We are currently one of the few food producers in the CBD category that has applied for and will receive novel food certification, demonstrating a commitment and adherence to government legislation. We have taken this significant commitment to the business and the category as we firmly believe the only way to improve perception of CBD as a health supplement is through legislation