Cloth Pads UK

Cloth Pads UK

Cloth Pads UK manufacture and sell eco-friendly cloth pads (reusable, washable). All materials used are purchased in the UK from other UK based companies, and we support local businesses where we can.

About Cloth Pads UK Products

The pads and liners are available in three lengths, 6, 8 and 10 inch and whichever one you chose it will keep you fresh and your underwear free from stains and wetness. They are also suitable as a cup/tampon backup and for everyday freshness. The liners are designed to absorb less than our pads, so when you need additional absorbency, such as when you are menstruating,  you should consider the range of cloth pads which are available for light, regular and heavy flow.

How The Products Work

Zorb and Flannel is used for absorbency in Cloth Pads UK pads. What is Zorb?  Zorb is a material that is made out of bamboo, cotton, viscose and poly microfiber. Zorb is good at not leaking under compression, for example when you sit on them when they are wet. More detail on the specific absorbance and materials used are available in each product description.

Cloth Pad UK Heritage

The owner of the company, Lesley Edwards has been making pads and liners with her trusty sewing machine (which has been upgraded and replaced a few times) for the last three years, initially selling to private customers on Facebook, however over time, she has supplied both national eco-companies and local small businesses with a steady flow of  products for them to promote to their customer base.

Why Choose Cloth Pads UK To Supply Your Business?

Cloth Pads UK have many creative designs to choose from, available in different sizes and with different absorbency. Each pad is crafted individually with love and care by the owner of the business, ensuring they reach you in prime condition, ready for your customers to use. 

Our products are liable for 5% VAT, not 20%.

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