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Exam? Interview? Sporting event? Or just another day at the Office?  You need a snack from Delicious Minds!

Are you looking for a delicious tasting snack bar that is designed to enhance the performance of your brain and give you sustained energy levels throughout the day?  We have designed our bars to taste delicious and indulgent, but our ingredients have been carefully selected to support brain health and energy levels with the macro and micronutrients needed for optimum performance.  In fact our bars are so naturally nutritious that the EU even allows us to claim Vitamin E, Magnesium, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Potassium, Phosphorous and Manganese as a reason to eat them!  

In keeping with the latest scientific research, our bars have been formulated to contain:

Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract

Extra Virgin Coconut oil

Highest quality dark chocolate (soya lecithin free)

No Grains

No cheap fillers, only real food created by nature

Lightly sweetened with high quality maple syrup.

Vegan and Paleo Friendly

If you've got an important meeting or an exam or if you need optimum focus in sports such as climbing or mountain biking, you will find that these bars are designed for you.


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