6" Panty Liner (Washable and Reusable) tortoise Pattern

Cloth Pads UK
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A 6" panty liner made by Cloth Pads UK.

Suitable for everyday wear, light spotting and very light flow.

All Cloth Pads UK sanitary products are made in the UK, cut and sewn from scratch using high quality fabrics purchased in the UK. Each liner is made by the same person from start to finish, with love and care specifically for the comfort and increased well being of the customer. Due to each item being individually made,  the item will be made with the skull cotton pattern, however the exact placement of the design  will vary slightly from pad to pad and the size of each pad might vary slightly. 

What is this sanitary pad made from?

  • 100% cotton topper (this is the part which rests against the skin).
  • 100% polar fleece back (colour may vary from picture but will always compliment)
  • Core made of 1 layer of 100% cotton flannel
  • Plastic Kam snaps to hold the pad in place

What are the dimensions of this sanitary pad?

6" length, 2 inches wide, 6 inches wide including wing span.

What are the benefits of this liner?

  • No additional chemicals are added to the product to preserve it, unlike most disposable products
  • Additional comfort compared to traditional disposable sanitary products
  • Typically can be used over 100 times before it needs replacing
  • Environmental impact is minimal compared to disposable to similar products which end up at landfill / down the toilet and into the sea
  • Choosing designs can make sanitary wear less embarrassing and fun, especially for teenagers / younger children.

What are the care instructions for this liner?

Washing and caring for your cloth pads and liners is super easy. Our cloth pads are durable and easy to care for.

You can wash your liners with other clothes, or on their own. It is up to you. They can be machine washed, or hand washed, again it is up to you. You do not need special washing detergent however you should not use fabric softener as this can mean they lose absorbency.

Do not use the following with your pads:

  • Bleach
  • Vinegar
  • Dryer Sheets or Fabric Softener

You can dry these on the line, using a tumble dryer, or on an air dryer in the house.

How many liners should a typical person own?

It varies from person to person, but many of our customers use liners on a daily basis, and have a collection of 5 to 14, with multiple designs. Collections tend to build over time.


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