• Advanced powerful form of Vitamin D3 supplementation.
• 2500iu liposomal Vitamin D3 per serving (x50).
• Only 66p per serving.
• Free from artificial preservatives.
• Alcohol free.
• All natural, non-soy liposomes.
• Made under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), the highest level of manufacturing standards.
• Vegan friendly. Gluten free.
• Natural orange flavour.
• Contributes to* the normal function of the Immune System.
• 250ml glass bottle, eco friendly.

AbsorbX003 provides 2,500iu liposomal Vitamin D3 per 5ml serving. Using advanced technology it efficiently delivers Vitamin D3 to where it needs to be. It’s not just what you take, it’s what happens next that matters.

Our liposomes are free from alcohol, soy, lactose and gluten. In addition, and to keep them 100% natural, we use Sea Buckthorn as a preservative rather than anything artificial. Assurance to you of the highest quality liposomes, for maximum nutritional support.

What is a liposome?

Liposomes are made using phospholipids, the same as found on our own cell membranes., where they act as a barrier, protect the cell and allow transport of substances in and out.

A liposome is a spherical vesicle, like a bubble, which protects and carries the Vitamin D3 after ingestion and during transit throughout the body. Whilst liposomes are now leading the way in the field of nutrition, they were first discovered in the 1960’s, by British haematologist Alec Bangham in Cambridge.

Since then they have been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, for efficient drug delivery.

Vitamin D3 is an essential nutrient and has several functions.

AbsorbX003 contributes to* normal Immune System, plus; normal calcium absorption, blood calcium levels, bones, teeth and muscle function.
*authorised claims from EU Register on nutrition and health claims.


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