• PRIME FIFTY is the only Brand in the UK focused and tailored just for the over 50s and beyond. It is a UNIQUE product.
  • FIGHTING FATIGUE It is a FOUR months supply(120 tabs) of a meticulously formulated product that repletes the 'nutrients' of concern' as identified in older adults food intake and diet studies across the UK. 
  • B vitamins, Vitamin D, CoQ10, Folate,  iron, mineral blend and anti-oxidant blend, healthy ageing blend, enhanced bioavailability technology
  • It is a 'targeted' product that is designed to support fighting fatigue and managing energy levels throughout the day.
  • All ingredients have been scientifically studied in multiple studies. It is 'evidence based'
  • Specially formulated enhancers of bio-availability have been added to help the ageing gut better absorb and utilise the nutrients.
  • A patented 'healthy ageing' blend has also been added on top of the energy supporting blend to add further health and vitality to older adults.
  • All Prime Fifty products are made under Pharmaceutical manufacturing conditions(GMP)
  • Multiple Prime Fifty products can be used safely together


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