Dorset Spice Shed Volcanics Fossil Fuel Espresso Rub 60g

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Something a little different for the BBQ Connoisseur

Dorset Spice Shed Volcanics Fossil Fuel Espresso Rub 60g

Yer tis - as we say in Dorset - the flamin' hot espresso rub for your steaks, BBQ kebabs and your chilli nites in. 10% real Italian espresso coffee, loadsa garlic, the finest oak-smoked hot paprika we could find plus classic Mexican chilli spices get topped off with that unsubtle hit of scotch bonnet that gets ya as it goes down. Not just a rub it's great as a dust for chips, loaded fries, fried eggs and we're going to try it as a bacon cure. This is just the beginning.


Ingredients: Garlic, salt, paprika, sugar, espresso ground coffee (10%), chilli flake, cumin, oak-smoked hot paprika, onion, cayenne, scotch bonnet chilli

Gluten-free and vegan

Blended and packed in the UK


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