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Introducing "Power of Hercules" Dr Fungi's newest and most potent mushroom blend of Chaga and Cordyceps mushrooms designed to elevate your health and vitality to legendary proportions.
Unleash your inner strength with Power of Hercules, a cutting-edge wellness supplement meticulously crafted to harness the power of nature's finest: Chaga and Cordyceps mushrooms. Developed with a passion for holistic well-being, Power of Hercules is your ultimate companion on the journey to peak performance and vitality.
Chaga MushroomRevered for centuries, Chaga is a powerhouse of antioxidants, supporting cellular health and combating oxidative stress. Its immune-modulating properties enhance the body's natural defense mechanisms, promoting overall well-being.
Cordyceps Mushroom
Cordyceps is renowned for its adaptogenic properties, aiding the body in adapting to stress and promoting resilience. This mighty mushroom supports energy production at the cellular level, enhancing stamina, endurance, and athletic performance.
Together, the dynamic duo of Chaga and Cordyceps in Power of Hercules synergistically works to boost immunity, increase energy levels, and promote overall vitality. With each serving, you'll experience the transformative power of nature, empowering you to conquer challenges and unleash your inner Hercules.
Unlock your potential with Power of Hercules – the ultimate blend for those who dare to be legendary.
Ingredients: 100% Pure Organic Chaga & Cordyceps Mushrooms Extract (Powder) 


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