Earth to Earth Organics

Earth to Earth Organics

Hello, I'm Tenesia. Our journey began when I moved from the sunny shores of Guyana to England in 2004. Adapting was tough, especially for my sensitive skin. That's how 'Magic Butter' was born – initially, a remedy for my own skin woes. Soon, my nephew with eczema and my friends became fans. Seeing its potential, my husband Danny and I launched Earth To Earth Organics, capturing our ethos perfectly.

In 2022, we relocated to Wales, motivated by our dream to grow our ingredients and immerse our son in nature. Our mission is rooted in deepening our bond with the Earth, cultivating a biodiverse environment for organic produce. We champion the power of nature in healing not just the skin, but also the mind and spirit. We invite you to join our journey, forging a profound connection with our planet and your own skin.

We craft each product by hand, using only the finest natural and organic ingredients. It took us three dedicated years to master our whipped body butter, and the glowing reviews from our customers attest to its excellence. Our body washes utilise a premium organic Castile soap base, and our oils glide seamlessly, offering a silky finish. With a customer retention rate of 65-75%, our efficacy speaks for itself. Experience the difference with Earth To Earth Organics.

Our skincare products including: body butters, body oils, body washes, bath salts and lip balm.

We are a plastic free company, focused on people, planet and skin, providing solutions for some the most sensitive skin issues such as eczema and dry skin.