Margildi ehf (trading as Fiskolía)

Fiskolia is launching a new product into the UK market for the first time; an Omega-3 all natural fish oil made from Herring in Iceland.The newness of our fish oil is the taste or rather lack of it being a natural fish oil.  This has been recognized by the fact that all our products have received a Golden Star from the prestigious ItQI.     Secondly is the slow oxidation levels or up to 2 – 3 times better than f.inst Cod liver oil.  The resource, the Icelandic Herring, is fully sustainable and traceable.    Fiskolía has protected license or rather the technology behind it in producing consumable fish oil from the Herring crude oil, which is something not been possible before using standard procedures.  Last but not the least is the Origin or Iceland which is known for its pure nature