Green + Grainy

Green + Grainy - Nutritious Cakes


**We are off for a Christmas break from the 21st December to the 3rd of January. You will still be able to place orders during this time and we will despatch them for you when we return. Wishing you a very merry and restful festive time. With love, Teddie**

Sweet and indulgent plant-based treats for earth conscious snacking

All products are made without refined sugars, gluten, dairy, soya, or palm

Made by hand in Dorset with 100% natural ingredients

Raw organic dark chocolate
Lightly toasted nuts + seeds
Date + nut butter caramels
Organic dried fruits

At the core of Green + Grainy is the desire to do good.

To do the planet good by sourcing ingredients from farms that practise organic and regenerative methods. 

To do the environment good by using packaging that completely decomposes wherever it may end up.

To do the body good by creating delicious snacks that feel indulgent while staying on the healthier side of life.

To do people good by paying above fair trade pricing to the food producers and having a clear and open chain of supply.

In the 2020 Great Taste Awards Green + Grainy won two 2-star awards - for the Maple Pecan and the Caramel Crunch.