Halo Me

Halo Me

Hello, I'm Ashni the founder of Halo Me. Growing up in Kenya I've always been a keen tea enthusiast. So when I tripped upon beautiful plantations of purple tea leaves I was intrigued. After learning more about this specialty tea from the Tea Research Institute of Kenya and lots of study it was clear that these purple leaves were packed with healthy goodness (even more than green tea) along with a great taste. And that’s how Halo Me was born. My goal is simple; to share the goodness of purple tea with as many as possible, focused in a sustainable and ethical way. I look forward to working together and spreading the goodness!

Halo Me purple tea is a brand new ‘true tea’.

This rare new variety was bred from a unique cultivar of the camellia sinensis plant and is grown at high altitude regions in Kenya. The leaves of the purple tea plant naturally react to the stronger ultraviolet light you get at those altitudes and shield themselves from damage by producing protective anthocyanins, which give the leaves a deep purple hue.

With every sip of Halo Me purple tea the rich antioxidants infused from the delicate leaves are hard at work defending your body from damage by free radicals. Purple on the leaf and purple in the cup this tea is similar in taste to green tea but is much kinder on the palate, with one brew it feels like you’re back to you.

Choose from three delicious flavours; a pure Halo Me purple tea option and two beautifully blended flavour choices; Purple Mint and Purple Chai, giving all the goodness of purple tea but with deliciously soft flavour tones and sweet edges.

With a truly welcoming flavour and densely packed health benefits, Halo Me purple tea is the new word in healthy beverages.

Sustainability: All our packaging is eco-friendly including our tea bags and the bags into which they are packed. These may look plastic but are made from fully biodegradable plant based materials. In making these choices, we hope to foster a way of working that promotes a healthy balance between us and the environment that sustains us.

Fair partnership: We work directly with our Kenyan farmers to ensure they reap the full benefits of all their hard work. Purple tea fetches much higher premiums than other varieties improving their livelihoods. Not only are we keen to support the Kenyan community, we also work with several British suppliers and retain production in the UK as much as possible.

Quality: We work with our farmers to ensure that only the finest tea leaves are plucked (two leaves and a bud are the best) and that these are processed within six hours of picking to really lock in their freshness and quality. Only wholesome and natural ingredients are used in a Halo Me brew. There is no room for anything artificial in our teas.