Herby Hog

Herby Hog

We're Herby Hog , the new must-have ingredients for deliciously tasty plant based meals.

We don’t just make amazing flavours, we make amazing plant-based pig out flavours. Our mission is to help households up and down the country create delicious plant-based foods that satisfy even the most discerning of meat reducers and challenge the widely held belief that choosing a plant-based diet means having to compromise on taste.

Our seasonings, gravies and vegan foodie gifts add sensational taste and flavour to plant-based creations. 

With 5 flavours to choose from: 

Smoky Bacon 

Spicy Chorizo 

Maple Bacon & Black Pepper

Sausage & Sage

BBQ Pork 

Herby Hog's products offer a much healthier and ethical alternative to meat.  Made with only natural ingredients, all our products are vegan friendly, dairy free, contain no nasties and are packed in handy resealable pouches. Over 20,000 packs sold to date!  New gift range for 2022 available now.