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Innate Nutrition

Innate Nutrition create natural cotton mesh produce bags, to help you eliminate single-use plastics and lead a more sustainable life.

Since plastic was invented in the 1940's, more than 1 tonne has been manufactured per person on the planet, yet, only 9% has been recycled. This is resulting in plastic polluting our land and consuming our oceans.

The 5p single-use carrier bag charge reduced virgin plastic bag use by 86% in supermarkets. While a great step forward, plastic bags are still only used 2-3 times before being thrown away. Coupled with the fact that single-use plastic produce bags are still frequently used in the fruit and veg aisle.

That’s why Innate Nutrition produce eco-friendly sustainable products to help eliminate single-use plastic. Our first product is a set of reusable cotton mesh produce and tote bags to help you fight against the copious amount of single-use plastic that still frequent our supermarkets. The bags keep your fruit and veg fresh and organised as well as making daily shopping guilt free.

By considering every aspect of the product's lifecycle, you can be confident that plastic has been avoided wherever possible, instead, by using biodegradable materials so you can reduce your plastic footprint.

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