Thyme Store Vendor Information

Thyme Marketing is the UK’s leading independent sales and marketing agency within the organic and natural health food sector. Over 12 years we have developed our services to suit our customer’s requirements and to help new and existing brands maximise their sales potential and growth in this exciting sector.

We are excited to introduce our B2B website to the industry, This trade only website is a platform for brands to showcase their products and sell direct to a variety of retail stores at trade prices.

How does it work?

Retail buyers login to our system using their own unique username and password. All account applications are verified with the Thyme team before access is allowed.

Once on the site they then have access to numerous brands and products which they can then purchase at trade prices. Payment will be taken online via a secure payment gateway and an order will be generated, the supplier will then be notified for fulfilment.

Thyme Store is available for all brands who have limited/no wholesaler availability for their products and are happy to send product direct to stores, if this is your brand then please continue to read and see what opportunities we can offer you…

Why should I list my products on the Thyme Store?

As an agency we continuously see the frustration of retailers who cannot buy the products they want to sell because of a lack of availability or limited choice in wholesale. By making your products available to buy online, it will increase your brand exposure, maximise your distribution and increase your sales.

The benefits of showcasing your products on Thyme Store:

  • Thyme Store is a secure website only accessible by genuine retail stores.
  • Retailers shop at their convenience for different products and still have a single payment and invoice at the end.
  • Brands can potentially pass on more margin direct to the retailer encouraging them to buy - we do not have ‘wholesaler’ overheads so do not charge ‘wholesaler’ fees.
  • NO credit checks, NO account form filling, NO chasing payments! - We will only allow customers to buy on our B2B site once we are satisfied they are a genuine retail outlet – we do all the checks for you.
  • We will make your products accessible to buy for different retail sectors e.g. pharmacy, speciality food, farm shops, convenience stores etc. - If they are a genuine retailer they can buy from our store!
  • We only charge a small commission on actual sales.
  • You control your own products and pricing! You can offer discounts and incentives to buy as and when you like.
  • We frequently provide additional marketing opportunities to help increase your exposure and sales, these include advertising in our magazine and on the website itself through banners, as well as e-shots to our own customer database, social media posts across all our channels, and sample hampers hand delivered to a large selection of our retail stores

How will you get retailers to use Thyme Store?

Thyme are actively marketing Thyme Store to retailers via our own field sales team, email database, direct marketing and social media platforms. We are committed to several trade shows throughout the year to promote the website as well as advertising through various trade press.

How do I get my products listed?

Speak to us! We would love to help sell your products! We will provide you with access and instructions to the vendor area of our site, you can upload as many products as you like along with all product information and pricing and it's all FREE OF CHARGE! 

What are the costs involved?

You can list your products for FREE. Once your product is listed on our site we charge a commission based on actual sales. If you don't sell anything you don't pay anything! Please see our commission structure below.

Commission structure based on sales

Thyme Store Standard Plan 12%

How do I manage my stock levels?

Thyme Store allows you to manage your stock manually through the Thyme Store admin area. We recommend that you ring fence stock for Thyme Store when using the manual approach. Alternatively if you have the production and turnaround to make product on demand and meet the shipping criteria then you can run without stock control.

Finally Thyme Store has a RESTful API which you can use to communicate between your own systems and the website to manage your stock levels if required. The API can also be extended to provide access to other content if required. Ask us for more information on this.

How do trade cost, margin and delivery charges work?

The trade cost is set by you! Retailers expect a minimum 25% margin but the more you can offer the more likely stores are going to list your products, remember you are not paying wholesaler margins in between just our small commission on sales.

Thyme Store operates a FREE delivery only policy to provide the best service to all our retailers, therefore we are happy for you to set a reasonable minimum order either by case quantity or value to cover the postal costs.

I am not a UK based company how will I deliver my product to store?

If you have no distribution set up in the UK we can offer you this service from our secure Soil Association approved warehouse. We are able to offer a storage and pick and pack operation, enabling us to deliver your products direct to store using our Royal Mail or Courier service. Contact us for more information and costs on this service.

How do I get paid?

Our site is E-commerce so stores will pay up front for all products they wish to purchase. The payments are made using our secure Payment system, once we receive proof of postage/delivery the monies will be then transferred into your bank account minus our commission charge within 15 days. Instructions for providing proof of postage can be found in our order management document.

How do we know when a store places an order?

When a store places an order you will receive an email notification to visit the website admin area where you can view the order details and print invoices and packing slips. You will then be required to pick, pack and ship the order direct to the retailer/buyer.

Terms & Conditions

If approved to sell on Thyme Store you must agree to our vendor agreement (supplied upon request) and understand your responsibilities as a vendor on the Thyme Store.

We would also like to remind you of key requirements when using Thyme Store if you become listed:

  • You must provide free shipping to all customers (we only operate within the UK at this time)
  • All orders must be dispatched and arrive to customers within 5 days
  • You must update your order statuses and follow our proof of postage policy to receive payment for all orders
  • All minimum order values or amounts must be reasonable to our buyers, we recommend either 1 or 2 cases, or around £50 value
  • You manage your stock levels accordingly and responsibly to meet customer expectations

What if I need help?

Thyme Store provides a comprehensive knowledge base, this provides information on how to list your products, manage your orders and make use of all the features available to you when selling on Thyme Store. If the knowledge base can’t provide the answers you are looking for then our team will always be on hand to answer any queries you may have.

You can email your queries to or call us on 01782 627 707.

What do our vendors think of Thyme Store?

"I have been blown away by the reaction and quick repeat orders from new customers that have taken our product since signing with Thyme store in mid November. Everything from signing up, creating products to receiving and dispatching orders has been straight forward - with someone on the phone every time I had a question. Really impressed with their service, they have set the bar high as the first distributor we signed with...."

Sam, Creator and founder of Liberty Loves

"The e-commerce platform created by Thyme Marketing is incredibly agile for us as a brand. Apart from the fact that the products are very well presented, with all of the relevant information clearly displayed, it is a very powerful sales tool, as it allows us to reach out to consumers who may not be covered by our wholesalers / distributors, or respond quickly to some requests, especially if customers may have a specific need. The experience on the platform is very good for the customer, but also for us as a supplier. The most important part, it's got us sales! We've then been able to take these sales figures to wholesalers to show that there is a demand for the products we sell which is great."

Stephanie Peritore, Mindful Bites

"We have been working with Thyme for a few months now and we're so glad we are! They've taken a huge amount of work off our plates, which has left us more time to focus on making our products and giving excellent customer care. We have had so many orders through Thyme, from stores that we've never contacted before and also stores that have previously declined to order from us directly. Retailers find it so easy to order through Thyme. We love the extra work they put in too, the fact that they will promote your brand at trade shows, means that we don't have to. They have lots of extra promotion packages that you can opt into too. We love what we do, but we don't necessarily have the skills in marketing that are needed to run a small food business, that's where Thyme Marketing come in, they are great at what they do and it just takes a whole element of the business off our plates. Couldn't be happier!"

Grace, Owner of Grace's Vegan Pantry