Award winning snacks!

Freeze & gently dried, healthy and magical mouthfuls of fruity goodness.

Aline and Deena founded Kooky to share their passion for exotic fruits with the objective to make them more available and more affordable to the Western markets. These super-fruits deserve to be embraced and enjoyed by everyone – not only for their antioxidant and nutrient-rich profile, but also for their unusual and quirky physical appearance, eye-catching colours and unique flavours.

Their range is rather unique to the UK. Freeze dried mangosteen in particular, cannot be found anywhere else except at Kooky!

Kooky is a company with a strong social angle, corporate sponsor to Women for Women International, a charity helping women in war-torn countries to gain tools and knowledge they need to create a brighter future for themselves and their families. The company is also member of 1% for the Planet where they pledge 1% of their total sales to help fund environmental projects.