Loro Crisps

Loro Crisps

100% vegan and gluten-free delicious plantain crisps made from plantain fruit. A natural source of fibre and potassium.

Plantains might look like a banana, but you can’t eat them raw. They have always been part of the Latin American and African diets, just like tortilla chips, now mainstream in the British diet.

We are passionate about healthy food & doing things differently. At Loro Crisps, we have found a tastier & healthier  alternative to your traditional potato crisps, that we brought from our home country Colombia to our second home in tropical Yorkshire.

Currently, we have four delicious flavours made to the rhythms of Colombia.
Quimbaya Limon (green plantain with some zesty lime flavour)
Zipaquira Salt (green plantain with a touch of salt)
Latin Chilli (green plantain with kick of chillies)
Uraba Sunshine (Sweet yellow plantain, NO ADDED SUGAR )
All are low in Sodium, 0 cholesterol and NO Trans fats.
More flavours such as sweet chilli and cassava crisps are coming up soon!
Pepe the parrot, our brand ambassador is learning to be a proper Yorkshire lad. He helps us to share our love for plantains around the world, one crisp at the time.

*Loro means parrot in Spanish and Yorkshire.