Noffee is a naturally caffeine-free coffee substitute with an aroma and feel reminiscent of coffee.
Carefully crafted, and expertly roasted by fourth-generation master roasters, only the finest locally-sourced chicory is used in our decadent Noffee blend.

Noffee is targeted towards the growing health conscious society who are trying to reduce caffeine intake for health and wellness purposes.

Noffee is available in Nespresso compatible home compostable pods, our pods offer a convenient way to prepare a luxurious Noffee. Plus our pods are fully home compostable, BPA, oil and Aluminium free.

Noffee is also available in a versatile ground form, Whether using a French press, coffee filter or drip machine like a V60, our Noffee grounds, the ground Noffee can be used to prepare a smooth blend of Noffee with accentuated flavour.

Join the Noffee revolution today!