Nutcessity makes artisan, stone-ground, organic, wholesome nut butter that's, for most people, only slightly sweet on the palate. We use no added sugar or oil, just roasted coconut, dried fruit and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt, for flavour.

From August 2016 to January 2020 the nut butter was made by our founder (jarring & labelling too!), with the aid of various blenders. We sold over 25,000 jars over this period. Because of such high demand, we started working with a co-packer in February 2020, who helped with production and kept us with a consistent supply of stock.

It's a pleasure to start working with Thyme Store (writing on 17/3/20), who we first started speaking to in 2018. The time wasn't right for us back then. All orders are packed in FSC certified case boxes, with re-used newspaper acting as a buffer.

For current stockist information, please access: Do get in touch if you'd like a store reference.

Our nut butter is certified by A Plastic Planet as being plastic-free, and the Soil Association as organic.

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