Omega Pressery

Omega Pressery

Premium cold pressed Extra Virgin Avocado & Macadamia oil. 100% natural, pure & fully traceable supply chain.

Omega Pressery emerges with a mission to bridge the gap between consumers and smallholder farmers to produce high quality, premium, 100% cold pressed, pure and natural Avocado and Macadamia oil.

At the heart of Kenya's best Avocado and Macadamia farms, we discovered the waste caused by surplus produce due to cosmetic imperfections. This led us to partner with farmers, transforming these 'wonky' harvests into high-quality, Omega bursting, Extra virgin, and Cold-pressed oils.

By doing so, we've not only prevented waste but also created a new income stream for farmers, fostering sustainable agriculture.

We strive to re-connect humanity to the most authentic, natural and delicious foods that mother nature has to offer, by unlocking radical transparency and restructuring incentives through our food supply chains , to give power back to small food producers while providing consumers with 100% confidence in making decisions about the food they consume - and as a result, restore the health of our planet, our communities and ourselves.

Our Current Product Range:
1. Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin Avocado Oil - 250ml
2. Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin Macadamia Oil - 250ml

All our products are Natural, non-gmo, and don't include any chemicals or hexanes during production. 100% pure buttery oils with subtle aromas. Applications include cooking, salad dressing, roasting. All our products are ethical sourced and promote sustainability. We are offering recyclable packaging for our oils to ensure we are a sustainable brand.