Welcome to Pollen, we’re on a mission to reclaim wellness and help you redefine what that means for you. We aim to uncomplicate CBD and create a space to discover how it can benefit you, with a community of like-minded individuals,sharing their experiences as they go.

We’ve created three ranges of gummies which two are vegan, each specifically dosed with 10mg CBD from broad spectrum hemp oil, which is independently tested for an accurate dosage every time.Our gummies are crafted with a proprietary recipe which infuses the CBD into the gummy itself, then blended with natural extracts to deliver on taste and quality.

We have also created three ranges of flavoured drink drops with water soluble CBD from broad spectrum hemp oil. This blend has been crafted to dissolve completely into your drink, enhancing it with subtle flavour + colour. Each bottle comes with a measured dropper for precise dosing, so you know exactly how much CBD you're consuming each time from 10mg to 30mg.

Pollenade; Our fresh & fruity botanical powerhouse. Made with 15mg water soluble CBD from broad spectrum hemp oil + the natural juices of grapefruit, lemon + raspberry this carbonated drink is nothing like what’s on the market. Pollenade is perfect for on the go, daily usage to recharge + recalibrate. Pollenade has been finely tuned to bring out the very best of CBD + the very best of you, helping you feel your kind of good.

All of our products are:

Third party tested to provide an accurate dosage and check quality of CBD

Made with US Hemp

Competitively priced per mg with leading products already in market but significantly more sophisticated

Credibility delivered through the backing and research of Tilray our parent company, their Chief Science Officer and UK/US legal team