Naked Biotics

Naked Biotics - your daily dose of life.

Live fermented bacteria, brewed specially with your gut in mind.
Naked Biotics is a vegan, raw and natural liquid shot brewed with botanicals to maintain and restore your gut.

One daily shot of Naked Biotics can help you transform your body’s connection with nature and unlock your inner glow.

Over 10 years of research has informed the development of our unique probiotic blend. 12 live bacteria strains and herbs are fermented for 21 days in order to strengthen the body's natural defence and improve gut health. In recent years there has been an undeniable increase in stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression and food allergies. It's time to reconnect with the natural world and transform your day-to-day by introducing a single probiotic shot to your morning routine. No GMO's. No preservatives. Just 100% pure, raw goodness. It's time to smile, shine and live the life you deserve just as nature intended.