Helping retailers like you buy at trade prices with strong margins!

Thyme Store is the modern way to purchase natural and organic products direct from the brands for your store. If you would like to learn about the benefits Thyme Store can provide to retailers like you when buying please read on...

Buy from multiple brands with one simple and secure payment

Yes that's right, you can buy as many products from as many brands as you like with just one secure payment transaction through our website. We've brought all the brand and product information together for review when ordering so we can save you time and effort.

There is no account form filling or credit checks either, you just pay with your debit or credit card, secured via PayPal. Alternatively payment by bank transfer is now also available.

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Free delivery, on everything!

Delivery for every purchase you make on Thyme Store is free.

All direct trade orders are subject to minimum order quantities you can work with.

Delivery times are typically 3-5 days.

Find brands and products not in your wholesaler

For many years, Thyme has worked with established premium brands in wholesalers to bring all their great products to our retailers. But we also see the potential of smaller and upcoming brands emerging in the UK market. We know it's a tough place to be and we want to do everything we can to help grow and connect our industry.

So on Thyme Store you'll find the majority of brands are just that, new, emerging and with great potential, but just not necessarily found in your wholesalers. So get a head start on your competition and access the brands they can't. Give your shelves some exclusivity and share it with your customers.

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Access exclusive wholesaler promotions for new and existing Thyme Marketing retailers

If you're a retailer and our sales team already visit your store then you can top up on Thymes exclusive wholesaler promotions right here on Thyme Store. No need to wait for our next visit. Register today or sign in to place your transfer order now.

If you're not on our visit list and are interested in receiving calls from our sales team please contact us to find out more. Our sales team are working closely with our partners to bring you the very best products we think you'll want on your shelves.

Thyme exclusive promotions are available through all good wholesalers.

If this all sounds good, then why not register?

Thyme Store has no registration fee or monthly membership costs, it is free to register for all retailers. Registration is simple and gives you access to browse and buy products from all our listed brands with one easy payment. There's no account form filling or credit checks with vendors, just pay with your debit or credit card and get the products you want delivered for free!

Register to buy

All registrations are subject to approval and you must represent a genuine retail store!

To become a seller contact us directly.