Rugged Nature

Rugged Nature Ltd

Our story began back in 2018 when my brother, who uses hair wax daily, was finding that the strong artificial scents in the big brand product he was using were severely affecting our mother’s asthma. Being scientifically inclined he began on a pursuit to formulate natural alternative hair products that were both naturally scented and kinder to skin. 

After months of formulating and testing he arrived at the Hair Wax formula we have today, using only a handful of UK sourced natural products to gain results indistinguishable from the high street alternatives. 

Skip forward 6 months and with the additional Hair Clay, Beard Balm and Beard Oil all formulated and professionally tested we were ready to hit the craft fairs and artisan markets. The handmade products sold like hot cakes and soon we had local shops asking to stock our range. The business then became my university placement project and Rugged Nature Ltd was formed. 

Our handmade, plastic free products are currently stocked in over 30 carefully chosen retail outlets throughout the UK including some of the biggest players in the Natural/ Eco retail space. More and more customers are looking for environmentally friendly, natural products both for themselves and as gifts for others, with the large and valuable male market currently severely underserved. 

Joseph Poxon 
Rugged Nature Ltd