Twisted Kombucha

Twisted Kombucha

Kombucha is an ancient Japanese brew made by fermenting organic teas with a live culture of yeast and bacteria producing a naturally carbonated and refreshing brew.

Twisted Kombucha stays true to the authentic fermentation methods and is traditionally brewed in small batches: which guarantees our delicious taste, tonnes of live cultures and high quality kombucha. Keep refrigerated

Our range includes 5 flavours suitable for 5 different taste buds;

Original Sencha green and Chinese black tea (Savoury like a crisp cider)
Cascade Hops, Ginger & pineapple: (Fiery & spiced)
Hibiscus, strawberry & ginger; (sweet like sherbet)
Butterfly pea flower;(for the lovers of sour flavours)
Hibiscus and lavender (Floral & light)

Twisted Kombucha is an independent, authentic healthy alternative beverage which is vegan, raw, unpasteurised,  gluten free and contains 100% natural ingredients, low in sugar (>3g/100ml), contains zero preservatives and traditionally fermented with the mother. Fermentation is the key to obtaining the delicious drink. There are no big machines, no short cut methods used to speed up process; no concentrated kombucha used like some commercial brands 100% artisanal with no pasteurization, acidifiers and all that means is we do not adulterate our kombucha in any way.

That defeats the purpose of drinking kombucha for its “live probiotic” benefits. Twisted kombucha is 100% raw, complete with tons of active cultures, a vegan source of vitamin B12 and made with natural and whole ingredients.

Twisted kombucha can be enjoyed daily as part of your healthy lifestyle choice because it is filled with living nutrition that invigorates the body. It’s a functional drink loaded with tons of living beneficial micro-organisms, (live gut loving probiotics), healthy organic acids and bio-active nutrients (vitamins & enzymes). Not only that, it's mighty delicious as well.

Twisted Kombucha's unique and delicious flavours will soon be tingling in your glass! Are you a fan of funky refreshing drinks? Then our tangy Kombucha drink in a glass bottle, refined with natural ingredients is the kick you've been looking for!


Twisted Kombucha began in Sept 2019 when founder Lou Dillon decided to change careers from nutritional health care into the food industry. During the MSc in Food Science she carried out lab experiments on home brewed kombucha. After tonnes of biochemical and analytical testing, and critically analysing kombucha’s nutritional properties she soon discovered the real health benefits that fermented functional drinks offer compared to carbonated soft drinks, and it turns out to be a delicious alternative to alcohol. 

Lou soon began having eureka moments while socialising with friends who abstained from alcohol and increasingly began to notice their frustration from the lack of choice in the low-no alcoholic offerings which were serious and sophisticated. 

Lou set out on a mission to create a healthy living unadulterated kombucha, and "twist" the narrative surrounding kombucha,  unlike what is currently flooding the market due to an largely unregulated industry in the face of the growing kombucha trend.

 The most important motive is ensuring the beverage remains fully loaded with beneficial live bacteria and yeast, yet offers a delicious drinking experience, as something she would also love to drink. 

Fast forward to 2021, Twisted Kombucha has moved from home production into a small microbrewery which Lou set up in Muswell Hill producing  >1200 litres per batch with the potential to produce more. It is stocked in a growing number of independent retailers, including health food stores, coffee shops, taprooms and restaurants.