Vitopia is a British company, based in London. Established by pharmacist and nutritionist sharing one belief, nature leads the way for a healthy life. We also believe that determination in the search of innovative synergistic formulations allows human beings to use nature’s organic vitamins, minerals, co-enzymes and amino acids in a way that is sufficient for everyone’s wellbeing.

Beauty Peak Hair is a combination of fish collagen, MSM, hyaluronic acid, co enzyme Q10,  grape seed extract, amino acids, vitamins and minerals working from the inside out.

Hair loss can be devastating, especially when there doesn’t seem to be anything you can do about it.

Did you know that poor nutrition, including vitamin deficiencies is a major factor of hair loss? Beauty Peak Hair has been designed to work alongside your usual every day diet, therefore ensuring that you really are getting the optimum intake of the daily nutrients you need to maintain your natural looking hair.
Our unique formulation of nutrients includes:

  • Biotin, selenium and zinc which all contribute to the maintenance of normal hair
  • Copper contributes to normal hair pigmentation