Wow chocolao!

Wow chocolao!

The best chocolate truffles you will ever try in your life - quoted by most customers!

Wow Chocolao! chocolate truffles take your mind to the busy streets of Paris, whilst the chocolate melts away on your tongue. 

Palm-Oil free since 2022 and packaged in bags that are made of 100% biodegradable materials with the window made of PLA (plant based plastic). This is because we love the environment, and we hate plastic!

The branding of WOW Chocolao! is well known for their outstanding and playful packaging where they bring their chocolate truffles to life as cartoons.

Each bag contains around the 14 truffles as each truffle weighs 9.2 grams each. Available in many different and delicious flavours.

Carbon offset for all our CO2 used
One tree planted with every bag sold (Eden Reforest)
100% biodegradable packaging.
10% of profits to charity

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